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  1. Just saw you guys tonight at North Park, Springboro OH. Ahhmazing! First tribute band I’ve ever heard that sounds original. Definitely will be following y’all now!

  2. I just had the chance to meet John,Cyndi and Mitch at a restaurant I work at. I got a chance to look up the videos on YouTube. You guys are amazing!! I saw you will be in Meadville later this summer. I hope to take my little grandson Ryder to your show. He loves Bob Seger and the Marshall Tucker band. Hope your having a great 4th of July. I really enjoyed visiting with you.

  3. I just caught the band in Lorain Ohio at Black River Landing. Such a great concert. My wife wasn’t able to be there but she listened to a few of my short clips and some YouTube videos and she was even impressed (She said she doesn’t like tribute bands) I hope I have her interested! I’m definitely hoping to catch you all here next year. Until then God Bless be well!

    1. Wow!!! Hi Dave thank you for signing in to our Guestbook – we are thrilled you had an experience you wanted to share with your wife AND we also hope she comes along next time we’re there in Lorain… who knows there might be some slow dancing in your future under the stars – “We’ve Got Tonight” certainly sets the stage for memories and new memories!!! It means so much to all of us – Kevin, Cyndi, Amanda, Mia, Mitch, Patrick, Eric, Alex, Ed and myself, that you took the time to let us know you had a great time soaking in the Seger. See you next year with your dancing shoes on!!!

      All the best and good health to you and your wife
      Music Director – Keys
      Forever Seger

  4. Just saw Forever Seger tonight in Jackson Township Ohio was thoroughly impressed with their show , hope to see them again soon the singer and band were truly amazing, loved the show thanks so much for great show!!!

    1. Hey Chris thank you for taking your time to let us know how much you enjoyed the whole experience – we are all about bringing back memories and making sure the energy bounces back and forth between the stage and audience so we all have a blast!!!

      Thank you Chris for supporting us and live music – we need eachother.
      All the best and see you soon –
      Kevin John, Mitch, Cyndi, Amanda, Mia, Patrick, Alex, Eric and Ed 🙂

  5. Absolutely an amazing performance! We throughly enjoyed every heart pounding minute of your show. The talent on the stage is so dynamic, along with the passion and energy. Thanks so very much.

    1. Awesome to hear John, thank you for letting us know you were wrapped up in the energy we feel bringing The Silver Bullet Experience to the stage!!! I think from the date you posted you saw us at The Orange Blossom in Weirsdale FL – that venue is so cool and the people super friendly and supportive of live music.

      Hope to bring back our show soon and let us know you’re there so we can give you a shout out
      All the best from the whole band
      Music Director, Keys
      Forever Seger

  6. Just saw the Forever Seger Show at the Orange Blossom Opry Theatre in Florida and without reservation this is the most authentic tribute band performing today! Wow! Most “tribute” bands try but fail to create the life and sound of the person they are imitating but not these guys! What outstanding musicians and true band chemistry! Congratulations and keep the music playing- please come back.

    1. Hey Steven – a HUGE thank you for your outstanding review of how you felt about the show in Weirsdale!!! We respect Bob Seger’s music and do everything we can to bring it to life every performance so we can all share in the Silver Bullet Experience that originally created such loyal fans. It’s an honor to play for people who care and your comments are so supportive – thank you for letting us know you felt the energy and respect for what we do.

      Be well, all the best
      Music Director, Keys
      Forever Seger

  7. Saw the show in North Tonawanda last night.just fantastic.the only song I missed was 2+2=?.do guys ever play that? looking forward to next year already

    1. So great to receive your post – it was an ELECTRIFIED audience and with us ALL the way!!! YEAH we’re coming back next year CAN’T WAIT TONAWANDA!!! And see you at the Meet & Greet Bob.

      Be well and see you in 2025
      John, Kevin and the band

  8. Seen this dynamite band more than once! Those Segerettes have tight harmonies and tight «night moves», the band is slick with a great feel for Seger pouring out memorable solos, band leader pianoman John is a master, and lead singer Kevin is loyal to Bob’s guitar playing and sings/ sweats his heart out, garanteed !.Seger fan ? Don’t miss this band.

    1. Thank you for this post Judi – the entire band has read it and coming from you, makes it so rewarding. We love what we do and how we do it together and it shows. See you at another show soon
      Hugs from EVERYBODY

  9. So the show in thunder bay last night, was an amazing show. Will definitely attend again if you guys play here again. Buddy on the saxophone was incredible. Great job

    1. Appreciate you writing and letting us know – Keep an eye on our website cause we definitely would be honoured to play Thunder Bay it was epic!!! Thanks for being part of the energy we felt.

      Stay well and happy

  10. Just saw Forever Seger at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Wow! Absolutely fantastic.
    The show was beyond amazing.
    Hope to see you back in Thunder Bay soon.

  11. Just came from your concert in Thunder Bay. What a fantastic show! I couldn’t stop moving or clapping! Forever Seger…you rock!

    1. Hi Eija – so so happy you were ROCKED ALL NIGHT – that’s the best thank you for letting us know
      Hugs from the whole band, see you next time – beautiful crowd and theatre!!!

      John and Kevin

  12. Last night my friend and I saw Forever Seger at the Regent Theatre for the third time. Again, we were blown away by Kevin’s vocals, stage presence and energy. The entire band and the amazing Smokin’ Segerettes are so talented. I am always impressed by the show and the fact that all of you so obviously love what you do. As we were leaving last night we were happy to get to tell Kevin and John how much we enjoyed the show. We were actually two of the handful of people who attended your show at the Regent, in person, during Covid.
    Anyway, we wanted to say thank you for another amazing performance!
    You are all dynamic!

    1. Thanks so much Annemarie for taking your time to send us this – to know our energy has reached you and in return the energy we get back strengthens all of our lives!!! That’s amazing you were with us during the Covid show, we were all going through such crazy times then but there were were together enjoying the Seger magic.
      Stay well and thank you from all of us

  13. Freakin awesome show guys, and those ladies were the best. Only front row for you !!!!!!

    Theressa, Lisa, Karen and Michelle ♥️

    1. Wow so great of you to write us Theressa and let us know we gave you, Lisa, Karen and Michelle a night of fun and memories!!! We had a blast as always at The Showplace – looking forward to bringing some more Seger-magic next year.

      All the best and KEEP ON DANCIN’
      Kevin, John, Kherson, Mitch, James, Patrick, Alex, Amanda and Cyndi send BIG hugs

  14. Absolute show to see! amazing talent and the talented group of artists will bring back many memories!
    Out of all the shows we have seen in Peterborough Ontario over the years, this “Forever Seger” easily sits in our top 5!!

    1. Dennis your excitement and support means everything to all of us – thank you for your rating that we’re in your top 5!!! We’ll be back and hope we can meet to say hi in person after our next show at The Showplace.

      As always we thank you for supporting Live Music – you’re what keeps it ALIVE and ROCKIN’!!!

  15. We celebrated my dad’s 85th birthday with your show at Andiamo’s in Warren, Michigan. What a fantastic experience! My dad took me to my first concert at cobo hall to see seger some 42 years ago so I returned him the favor! Felt like we were back in time when we saw the show! Forever Seger rocked the house! Thank you for a great night and great memories! We’ll see you again when your back in town!
    Julie, Steve and Dad

    1. What an amazing honor to be part of your celebration on Dad’s 85th birthday. Being able to bring back the memories of Seger from 4 decades ago and help make new ones for all 3 of you is really why we LOVE what we do.

      Thank you for sharing this and all the best Julie and Steve and Dad
      Sending virtual hugs from
      Kevin, John, Mitch, Alex, Kherson, Patrick, James, Cyndi and Amanda!!!

  16. Just saw Forever Seger at Del Lago Casino, and I must say , I thought I was in 1975 when I saw Bob Seger live, this band sounds exactly like Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet, thank you for putting a kickass show on, VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!

    1. Thank you for letting us know Larry!!! It was a real treat being at Del Lago, you guys were so pumped and the energy flow was massive – thank you for being part of our memories now too. Hope we’ll see you next time in Waterloo or another venue in New York!!!

      All the best through the rest of 2023 and beyond –
      Kevin, John, Mitch, Alex, Kherson, Amanda, Patrick, James, Cyndi and Courtney

  17. We just saw you tonight in Rochester, NY. Honestly, this was the best show we have seen in a long time. The band is amazing and hope to see Forever Seger again in the future! I am a Forever Fan!!

    1. Yes a Forever Forever Seger Fan!!! Rochester was a blast and so happy that you were caught up in the performance and w4e could share the experience and make great memories for all of us – come say hi next year when we get to be part of Bands at Barnard!!!

      Hugs from all of us
      Kevin, John, Mitch, Alex, Kherson, Amanda, Cyndi, Courtney, James, Gene

  18. My wife and I attended the Mentor, Ohio concert last night. Well, we were hoping for at least a good similarity to Bob Seger but what we got was an utterly fantastic show that honestly was as good as seeing Seger live (which we’ve done twice).
    There was so much energy displayed on the stage that you couldn’t sit in your seat. You had to get up and dance.
    Thanks to the entire band for a wonderful evening

    1. Thank you for writing in Ken to let us know how you and your wife were feeling the energy and getting totally involved in the experience – that’s the BIG payoff for all of us that come together in FOREVER SEGER!!! AND YES SEE YOU NEXT YEAR – come say hi at the “Meet & Greet”.

      Outstanding – thank you both so much
      John, Kevin, Amanda, Cyndi, Courtney, Patrick, Alex, Mitch, Kherson, James:)

  19. Fabulous show this weekend in Warren, Ohio! So worth the 4 hour drive from Michigan! My husband even got a pic with a few members of the band!

    1. Hi Debbie – yes we met you and Mike and 2 other friends on the way toward the stage!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to come see us and enjoy an evening in that gorgeous amphitheater – it was epic and you all were are super crowd singing and jumping around to the memories of Seger

      Hugs from all of us and see you in Michigan next time!!!

  20. Caught the show at Stratford Live – and I loved the energy that you guys put out. What a show. I think, the best cover band I have ever seen. You guys were really great. Super musicianship and great energy from the whole band. Well worth going to see. Hope they bring you back next year.

    For others – these guys and ladies are well worth going to see regardless of what the ticket price might be. You will get your money’s worth


    1. Hi John – we LOVED STRATFORD and totally want to be back and share the energy created that night again next and every year – great hosts, great location, great audience!!! Thank you for your positive words John from all the band, it means everything to know what we do makes people feel to power of great music.

      See you next time, come up and say hi
      Musical Director

  21. Awesome show everyone, in Gravenhurst Ontario May 13/23. We had a great time, and the Seger sound was there…hope to see you again!

    1. Thank you Tracy from all of Forever Seger for supporting live music and sharing your night with us – The Opera House, Gravenhurst was a beautiful experience, one that is truly special with the Guelph GCVI Choir lending their energy and voices to everyone’s experience.

      Look forward to seeing you next time – have a safe and fantastic summer!!!

  22. Wow Just wow attended your performance last night at Flato Markham theatre- note for note fanatics FUN great time show thank you I will be bringing more friends to your next performances.

    1. Wonderful to hear from you Ken thanks so much for taking the time to write us – sharing a night of memories with fans of Seger’s music fuels all of us!!!

      Enjoy your summer, be safe and see you soon 🙂

  23. Seen the band in Shipshewana, Indiana January 27, 2023. What a great band and performance. Looking forward to them coming back soon.

    1. Hey Bonnie – Shipshewana was a blast and we’ll be back for sure, it was awesome!!! Thank you for letting us know you enjoyed the show and supporting live music and the timeless songs of Seger.

      Cheers to summer – see you soon

  24. Saw at Shipshewana was the best concert I’ve seen. They really put on a show. It’s the real deal. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see you again.

    1. Awesome Becky thanks for writing – together with the audience we all experience the positive energy of Seger and his legacy!!! See you next time for a few hours of timeless fun

      All the best Becky, cheers

  25. We saw you Friday 1/27 in Shipshewana. WOW what a show! You’re an amazing group of true artists. We hope we are lucky enough to see you again. Wishing you must success and safe travels. God Bless.

    1. Alan what a pleasure to play Shipshewana, it’s a beautiful venue and the welcome everyone gave us was awesome!!! We will be back so keep an eye on our website – until next time be safe, healthy and enjoy the moments

      See you soon
      John, Kevin and the gang

  26. January 20, 2023

    Seen you guys and gals perform tonight in Collingwood.

    Great group of musicians!

    Thank you all so much for a fantastic show and making it an extra personal experience with a little historic story telling.

    When you asked the audience if we wanted to hear more, that was a YO not a NO lol.

    Thank you again, wife and I had a great night out.

    For those readers wondering, Forever Seger is a definite must see.

    Look forward to seeing you again one day.

    All the best to you all.

    Kind Regards

  27. My wife and I saw them last night in Meaford…”…” Fantastic Show!! Words can not describe how good it was, to see a Real Rock Band still doing it…. Truly Big Band Sound..Thanks Forever for a great show and two extra songs WOW.

    1. Fantastic to hear from you Thomas – knowing we make the evening a special one makes every member of Forever Seger do a “Happy Dance”!!! Thank you for sharing how much you and your wife enjoyed yourselves at Meaford Hall – super venue and crew!!!

      All the best and hope we’ll see you next time
      Cyndi (the Tiny Segerette LOL!!!)

  28. Quote from Randy Martin Karizma Concerts ” The Most Accurate Tribute Show I’ve seen in my Lifetime, phenomenal band, world class, Bob will always live on as long as Forever Seger & The Silver Bullet Experience tour the land… Quite Simply WOW !!! “

    1. Randy it was terrific to meet you after our show @ River Cree Casino, Edmonton and receive your support of what we offer onstage. That’s what it’s all about – sharing the energy and hearing the crowd loving being all wrapped up in the experience!!!
      All of the band appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us with your comments – FANTASTIC!!!

  29. Just left Cohoes Music Hall watching the Forever Seger . Awesome show tonight! Very upbeat
    First time seeing them enjoyed it a lot

    1. Hi Shirlie thanks for taking the time to write in our Guestbook, it means so much to everyone in the band. We had a fantastic time performing for the Music Hall’s audience – fantastic energy !!!
      Hope we can play for you again soon
      Hugs from each of us

    1. Hey there John – awesome to hear from you, thanks for adding to our Guestbook. Cohoes is always such a welcoming and energized venue – love the vibe of the Hall and every member of the audience. Looking forward to the next time!!!
      All the best from all of us

  30. Hey Sally thank you so much for writing to the band – we are so proud to bring the power of Seger to the audience and feel the energy between us – Keep safe and
    say hi when we come back – Be safe and see you soon, from each of us in the band thank you again for your support!!!

  31. Forever Seger is the real deal!! You guys rocked the house in Batavia NY on 9/2. Loved every minute of it. You are dead on with the music, vocals and energy of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. We felt like we were at a Seger concert again. Thank you! Can’t wait for you to come back.

    1. Thank you Gary for leaving us the fantastic comment – we LOVED you all in Batavia NY – so looking forward to next year and please come say hi after the show!!! Stay well – heartfelt thanks from the whole band

      1. I am just hearing about you and checked you out on YouTube. The band does Bob Seger justice. He is a hard act to follow. I”ll be seeing you in September. Im impressed with what I heard.

        1. Hi Val – well THAT IS AWESOME!!! Are you seeing us in New York, Nevada or Indiana in Sept? We do love what we do and the Seger fans we do it for – hearing that you saw us on YouTube and will be coming out to feel the “LIVE VIBE” let’s us know the energy of “Forever Seger The Silver Bullet Experience” does go beyond and gives Seger fans a place to be surrounded by great music and memories.

          See you in Sept – it’ll be here before we know it!!!
          All the best from all the band
          Music Director, Keys
          Forever Seger

  32. Thank you for gracing our area of the county- what a fantastic show all us Seger fans were impressed! It was the best night I’ve had in a long time! Thank you 🇺🇸
    Ed DiPonzio

    1. Having an audience full of energy with the love and Seger and what we bring on stage is the best reward and we are grateful to each and every person that has honored us with choosing to be there.
      Thank you so much Ed for writing us – from all the band Cheers and see you next time 🙂

    1. Hey Sally thank you so much for writing to the band – we are so proud to bring the power of Seger to the audience and feel the energy between us – Keep safe and
      say hi when we come back – Be safe and see you soon, from each of us in the band thank you again for your support!!!

  33. Hi Rupert thank you so much for being part of that fantastic show – the audience at Turning Stone was stellar and the energy between us was electric!!!
    We’ll see you next time, please make sure you say hi 🙂

    From all of us, have yourself a safe and awesome summer

  34. Great show at the Turning Stone Casino. The music was tight and vocals spot on. In the end, everyone was in agreement this is a band we’ll see again when they return to CNY.

    1. Hi Rupert – thank you for taking time to write us!!! Your support and love for Seger makes it possible for all of us to enjoy the truest of energies – singing, dancing and doing it all
      together on both sides of the lights. Let’s rock with you next year at Turning Stone!!! A fab theater and audience – CHEERS from the whole band

  35. Just left The Turning Stone Showroom-we are blown away with what you guys sounded like-first time show for us and won’t be our last for sure!!!!!!!

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